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On behalf of the WCM team, we hope you all had a great summer and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again this upcoming year.

Similar to last year, the Logistics team will continue providing blog posts covering weekly recaps of our Educational Seminars, interviews with upper-years and industry alumni/professionals to provide clarity on different career landscapes, and in-depth research posts to offer insight on important concepts and world events.

Also, find below an interesting overview of the recent volatility in the SPAC market!


On August 29th, the WCM team presented an ‘Intro to Finance at Western’ where the Executive Team provided an overview of WCM and spoke to their experiences on navigating the financial services industry; you can find a recap below:

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What’s in the News?

The SPAC Selloff

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies or SPAC’s have been a hot topic of discussion for months now. A SPAC is a company that has no operations and is formed strictly to raise capital through an IPO with the purpose of acquiring an existing private company. The operation completed through a SPAC is similar to a standard reverse merger, with the difference being that SPACs do not have any prior operating history.

The cumulative market value of companies that completed SPAC mergers since December 2020 reached its peak in February 2021 at nearly USD$330B but had since dipped to USD$250B, a broad selloff that has wiped about roughly USD$75B of value. Earlier this year, it was common for SPACs to always rise in value after announcing deals. Now, the opposite is becoming the norm as about 75% of SPACs that have announced deals but haven't completed them are trading below their listing price, seeing their share prices fall. This is not to say that the SPAC market has collapsed — the value of the sector, at USD$250B is still up from its USD$100B value from roughly a year ago — but the blank-check boom has hit a selloff.

Many investors have called this reversal inevitable as many of the companies that are merging with SPACs have zero or little revenues but are being valued in the billions; share prices were rising when there was little fundamental reason behind the gains. The air has come out of the bubble said Roy Behren of Westchester Capital Management.

This downturn has hurt individual investors who bought into the craze near its top, with several SPAC-related companies being some of the most traded stocks on Robinhood and other brokerages earlier this year. Given the protection typically attributed to SPAC creators, individual investors are often stuck with the losses — creators are protected through the right to buy a large number of shares at discounts, and to minimize losses, they often sell their SPAC shares before deals are completed.

To learn more about this topic and enhance your understanding, a few insightful articles have been linked:

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