WCM Educational Recap #6: Finance Recruiting 101

Recapped by Alyssa Choi

Finance Recruiting 101

Welcome to the Western Capital Markets blog! This week, we dive into finance recruiting timelines, interview preparation tips, and networking best practices for all students in first, second, and third year.

Week in Review: US Conglomerates Announce Plans to Break Up

Topic Spotlight: Hedge Funds Short Strategy

Overview of Recruiting Timelines

First-Year Recruiting

First-Year Internship Routes

Firm Recruiting Portals: Well-established companies or banks offer opportunities on their website or Western Connect

Western Business Clubs Mailing Lists: Internship opportunities emailed to members (Ex. WCM, WIC)

Networking and Cold-emailing: Connect and chat with people who work at a firm you’re interested in (the majority of opportunities will be found via this route)

First-Year Recruiting Overview

First-Year Recruiting Timeline

Second-Year Recruiting

Common Second-Year Jobs

Search Funds & Private Equity: Search funds are smaller investment firms where an entrepreneur raised funds to acquire a company and assume day-to-day leadership

Investment Banking: Boutique investment banks involved in small- and mid-cap M&A transactions or ECM/DCM fundraising

Equity Research: Producing analysis, reports, and recommendations to buy, hold or sell companies and investment opportunities

Sales & Trading: Client advisory for financial product investments or internal pricing and hedging strategies for the commercial bank itself

Historical Second-Year Timelines & Placements

*Note: Second-year processes are still largely informal, so research, cold-emailing, and networking is critical

Third-Year Recruiting

Job Selection Criteria

Third-Year Recruiting Process

Canadian vs. American Opportunities



Common Historical US Ivey Placements

Historical Third-Year Timelines

US Firms Targeting Ivey

Other US Processes


Diversity Process:

Accelerated Processes:

General Process Overview

Recruiting Framework: Cold Emails & Calls + Interview Prep (& Mocks) → Applications → Interviews → Offer

Recruiting is a Numbers Game


What to Submit

Interview Process

Interview Preparation

Resume & Work Experience:

Company Preparation

Technical & Behavioral Preparation

Market & Economy Preparation

Cold Emailing

What Makes a Good Email?

Example Email Template

Hi Chloe,

My name is Amy and I am a second-year student at Western University. I came across your LinkedIn profile and was hoping to connect with you to chat about your experiences at Firm XYX and more broadly within the investment banking industry. I would be happy to set up a call at a time that works best for you.


Amy Dong


Key Takeaways



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