Western Capital Markets

Recapped by Morgan Tannis

  • Large pools of capital managed by a single group of investors
  • Different funds specialize in different asset classes and…

Recapped by Alyssa Choi

  • General Electric and Johnson & Johnson…

Recapped by Morgan Tannis

  • M&A Situations
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Investment Decisions
  • Relative Valuation…

Key insights into the current supply chain struggle around the manufacturing of semiconductors and how they’re affecting global industries and economies.

Recapped by Alyssa Choi & Morgan Tannis

  • Since the onset of COVID-19, US imports have outpaced exports, leading to a rise in container shipping…

Recapped by Caleb Guo

  • Corporate roles: This job involves helping a company with financial elements. Ex. CFO, and Corporate Development
  • Money Managing roles: This job…

On behalf of the WCM team, we hope you all had a great summer and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again this upcoming year.

Breaking down the Investment Banking recruiting process for Los Angeles and an exit to a high-growth tech company

Western Capital Markets

WCM’s mission is to educate, develop and provide real-world opportunities for members of the Western community to explore their interest in finance.

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