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On behalf of the WCM team, we hope you all had a great summer and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again this upcoming year.

Breaking down the Investment Banking recruiting process for Los Angeles and an exit to a high-growth tech company

Attempting to shine some light on how the pandemic has impacted different areas of the economy

Recapped by Amy Dong

  1. Explore non-professional clubs. A huge part of university is understanding who you are as a person. Take the time to explore non-finance clubs and develop your interests. Consider sports, creative…

Recapped by Akul Shah

Reflections and Discussions with Jay Oduwole

Some key things to consider before investing in the stocks of FAANG and other leading technology companies.

Recapped by Stanley Wang

  • Buy-Side Quants: Mainly focused on strategy development.
  • Sell-Side Quants: Facilitate orders and executions, helping people in the markets get the best price possible when they want to buy equities or any other assets.

Recapped by Daniel Novo

  • Net income from the IS…

Recapped by Chloe Macklin

Western Capital Markets

WCM’s mission is to educate, develop and provide real-world opportunities for members of the Western community to explore their interest in finance.

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